Talking Business

Business and healthcare working together - TourdeForce Consultants

Business and healthcare working together – TourdeForce Consultants


Talking is big business.

With 500 billion minutes spent and 25 billion content items viewed on Facebook per month, 2 billion Youtube videos seen per day and 95% of companies using Linkedin and 42% using Twitter – it’s clear that you need to be part of the discussion.

Engaging with mutliple healthcare audiences, building relationships in medical markets, having meaningful conversations with your customers, communicating positive word of mouth – these all have bottom line impact on your business.

Talk the Talk

It’s all about your key strategic objectives and your key values; your target audience of key opinion leaders, choosing the appropriate media channels; establishing relevant content they will engage with and building up presence using the latest tools and partners. Recommendations from personal contacts or opinions posted by consumers online are the most trusted forms of advertising, according to the latest Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey of over 25,000 internet consumers from 50 countries.

Using the power of a focused, short-term, on-message Twitter campaign we could increase your website traffic by 60%. Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Viadeo, Pinterest, corporate blogs, community building, conversational campaigns, word of mouth brand building and reputation management. It’s all part of the healthcare business marketing mix – so let us start the conversation for you.



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