EMEA Doing Business

We can help you grow your healthcare or medical business in a rapidly evolving EMEA healthcare market. Opening doors, talking to people, creating network relationships, linking into horizontal medical markets – all of this needs substance, experience and expertise.

Over the past two decades the EMEA healthcare market has been reforming itself to cope with rising costs and to increase effectiveness, efficiency and accountability to the major stakeholders. To pursue everyone is moving inexorably from post-war roots of a “cradle to gave welfare state” towards decreasing government involvement and increasing market driven supply, demand and price.

One definition of the changing healthcare environment (Win de Gooijer) has been given as “a complex and dynamic process of continuous innovation; of constantly changing new combinations of science, technology, organisation, politics, economics and medical culture.” Companies in this changing healthcare world must construct their market entry and development strategies, understanding the relevance and effect of all these factors in their chosen country market(s). The company will be a stakeholder in the local healthcare process and their ability to influence demand and price for their products will be balanced with the competing requirements of all the other suppliers and stakeholders. Understanding this balance will be critical to commercial success in the healthcare markets.

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