The Empowered Patient: 5 Ways Social Media Makes Patients Stronger | ParkerWhite Brand Interactive

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The growth of the Internet and the rise of social networks have changed the way we communicate, interact, find information, shop, learn, and more, including the way we learn about healthcare pharmaceuticals and medical devices

The number of groups that have grown around specific issues in healthcare is astounding. To get an idea of just how many online communities there are for different diseases and conditions, just take a look at this list, which aggregates the wide variety and large number of pharma and healthcare communities online.

Hashtags help categorize conversations within social media, marking them by keywords or acronyms specific to a certain topic. This makes it easier to create and find specific communities, whether it’s #HCSM (healthcare social media), #Diabetes, or #BreastCancer. Twitter chats are ways for people around the globe to come together to discuss specific topics. Symplur is doing a great job of compiling all of the healthcare hashtags and categorizing them.

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