Building a regional, integrated model of cardiovascular care

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One of the things that has always amazed me about the discussion around health care transformation is this: no matter what the forum or venue, no matter who the discussants are or whom they represe…


“Partnerships are key. Not just aligned synergies. True partnerships. Taking the time to understand the barriers that every partner faces from their siloed vantage points. Listening. Showing respect and establishing trust. Embracing the complexity of our interconnectedness as a strength, not shying away from it as a perceived liability. Not being afraid to make mistakes, or to say something really crazy. And getting to know each other, as people. Embracing the human relationship part of all this discussion.”


“Barriers fall when the vision is clear and shared; when focus is on the patient and the patient experience rather than on the institutions serving them, and when there is a commitment to a culture of respect, trust and transparency.”

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